Centre Membership

Please note that your Centre Membership is not automatically renewed when you renew your Caravan Club Membership. You must tell the Caravan Club that you want to renew your membership with the West Scotland Centre.
Renewal can be done by phone, letter or via Caravan club website


After your visit to our website why not vist and sign the guestbook, leave a message, constructive criticism or ideas. (Webmaster)

Notice of Change of Centre AGM's

Notice is hereby given that the East of Scotland Centre AGM which is due to be held on the 28th September and the West of Scotland Centre AGM which is due to be held on the 7th September, have now both been changed to Special General Meetings. Both venues remain the same, as notified on page 23 of the SCC Handbook for 2019.

The purpose of the SGM's will be to discuss and vote upon a Special Motion to amalgamate both Centres. Details of the rescheduled AGM's will be notified, following the SGM's.

Please note that only full, joint and family members who have submitted an application for Centre registration through the Club offices at East Grinstead, to the Centre Secretary at least 14 days prior to the SGM are entitled to speak or vote.

A copy of the Special Motion is available on request from the respective Centre Secretary or from the SCC Secretary.

Kenny Robertson
The Scottish Caravan Club

Joint Message from the East and West Centre Chairmen.

Dear fellow members,
We hope that you are all enjoying your summer holidays, wherever your travels have taken you.
The East Centre and the West Centre have recently held a number of joint meetings to discuss the future of our centres. The SCC Secretary, Kenny Robertson, has attended all of these meetings, to liaise with CAMC on our behalf and also to give help and advice. The SCC Chairman, Fraser Todd, has also attended some of these meetings. We have been trying for a long time now, to persuade some new members to step up and support their centres, but with little success.It has therefore been agreed by both Centre Chairmen and Committees, that the best way forward is to amalgamate and form a new centre, called the Forth, Clyde and Tweed, which covers both the East and the West areas, otherwise the future of both centres, may well be short lived.
Amalgamation has never happened before, to any centres, it is therefore a new and very complex procedure for everyone concerned.
You will by now, all have been informed, that our centre AGMs, which take place in Sept, have been changed to Special General Meetings. The purpose of which is, to discuss and vote upon the Special Motion to amalgamate both Centres. This has already been approved by the Scottish Caravan Club and CAMC. If this does not happen, the East Centre will, sadly, go back into hibernation, after 4 years of hard work.
As both Centres are due to Celebrate their 70th Anniversary, The East in December and the West in January, we also intend to hold a Very Special joint Celebratory event,on the 25th January 2020. This will hopefully be followed by the joint centre AGM's on the Sunday 26th January 2020 and the formal Amalgamation and election of the new centre's committee.
Please keep an eye on the SCC and Centre's websites, for further details re this very special event.
Kind regards,
Margaret J Devine - East Centre Chairman
Linda Williamson - West Centre Chairman

Scottish Rally Handbook 2019

Click on SCC Handbook to download copy of 2019 rallies SCC Handbook

New Facebook Page

The West Centre Committee is pleased to announce that we have a new Facebook Group up and open as of today Wednesday 12th April.
We welcome Members Conversation and any Caravanning related pictures and look forward to receiving them.

Rally Books

The Rally Secretary has all the other UK Centre Rally books, any centre members wishing to peruse them contact :- Robert Brownlee

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