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Please note that your Centre Membership is not automatically renewed when you renew your Caravan Club Membership. You must tell the Caravan Club that you want to renew your membership with the West Scotland Centre.
Renewal can be done by phone, letter or via Caravan club website


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Mike Erskine
It is with sadness I have to report the passing of past West Centre Member Mike Erskine on the 14th April 2019. He was 93 years of age.
Mike's funeral will be held in Manchester where he had been staying with his daughter.
Our thoughts are with Mike's family at this sad time

Chairman's Message

Well here we are into Spring and most of us have dusted off our Caravans and Motorhomes and have ventured out into the world once or twice already this year, some of us Caravan the whole year round whatever we do as long as we are happy, enjoying ourselves and being respectful of others that is all that matters. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather really - just the wrong clothes.(please remind me I have said that post SCC National!!) Oh and by the way have you all washed your roofs? (It seems to be a big thing for everyone to point-out with much glee, eh Eric?!!!)
Ah yes. in 15days from today (18/04/19) on Friday 3rd of May our Big Event will be here, real..live!! Where has the time gone?
As most of you are aware our West Centre is hosting this year's Scottish National Rally on Lanark Race Course from Friday 3rd through to Tuesday 7th May, though the advert for this event, the Irish National and the Welsh National is woefully small in the CAMC Magazine in comparison with the full page ad' for 'The Club' National of course taking precedence! Why???
I am very grateful to our Very Hard Working Committee for all of the hard work that they have done in ensuring this event can go forth hopefully without a Hitch (no pun intended).
In our midst we of course have the experience of two Past Centre Chairmen in the shape of Eric and Morris, both of whom have hosted The Scottish National Rally within their tenures, Eric the most recent in 2012 again at Lanark Racecourse. Their patience and perseverance are to be applauded, thank you.
But this event isn't going ahead without the help and support of many other West Centre Members and help and support of people from other centres, not all Scottish either. A huge thank you to all of you, too numerous to personally mention. We are hopeful that those of you not already booked in will re-consider and send your bookings to our Eric ASAP, time is fast running out and as the Working party shall be on site at Lanark from Tuesday 30th of April with probably limited internet access, it is really important that your booking forms and full payment is with Eric by Sunday 28th April at the very latest please.
Our Saturday Dinner Dance is proving very successful and our Sunday Variety Social is booking up well too, showcasing the talents of some well kent' West Centre Faces, so roll-up, roll-up get your tickets for both events via Eric.
Well beyond the Scottish National our West Centre Rally programme carries on as normal, we have some favourite rally venues lined up for you starting with a second visit to Glenearly in the beautiful D+G region, have a wee glance at our list of Rallies on this website or catch them when posted on our Facebook page.
I look forward to catching up with friends old and new from near and far in the coming weeks.
Chairman of the West of Scotland Centre

New Facebook Page

The West Centre Committee is pleased to announce that we have a new Facebook Group up and open as of today Wednesday 12th April.
We welcome Members Conversation and any Caravanning related pictures and look forward to receiving them.

What can we offer you?

The West Centre would be delighted to welcome you, and your family to any of our rallies listed in our 2019 programme of events. We organise some long weekends and Holiday Rallies to coincide with local school and area breaks. Our aim is to promote a relaxing break with like-minded people who share a love of caravanning and socialising.

What is a rally?

Centre Rallies are organised events, where Caravan Club members meet for weekends or holidays, to pursue their various interests, and have some fun along the way. The chief rally officer is the person, along with his/her team, responsible for organising and running the rally; this includes arranging the site and services, putting up the Centre's direction signs to the venue, and all the social events. Most of our Centre rallies have a social evening, which may include dancing, quizzes, games, bingo, and even barbeques in the warmer evenings. You are free to join in any of the activities or simply relax and do your own thing. Being a member of "The Caravan Club", means that you would be able to join a rally being run by any Centre, which can be very useful when going to, or returning home from your holidays, or you may just wish to visit other Centre areas. Details of all rallies are listed in the Club Magazine and copies of most Centre Handbooks are held by our Centre's Rally Secretary.

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